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We are thrilled to present our new stallion.

Om El Bahreyn is one Arab who needs very little introduction. A few years ago he reduced both my husband & myself to tears at a show with his utterly stunning head, superstar conformation & breathtaking, glorious movement - we, like his many fans were in total awe.

International Multi In-Hand Champion | Om El Bahreyn

Having lost our beautiful Nybraska, we knew that only the most special of stallions could come close to lifting our hearts & moving our stud forward once more. We simply never imagined it would be "Bahbah". Now entrusted to us by his previous owner, Caroline Reid of AV Arabians we are blown away by our lovely, lovely boy.

Cameg & Bahbah Plans!

We had long heard of Bahbah's amazing temperament - how he "uncles" his weanlings, stables happily next to geldings & mares & would wander round the yard halter free. We can already testify to this in the short time we have now owned him. He the most soft, gentle boy & his nature must be experienced to be believed. Bah has already met his future "wife" our mare Zizi (Enzo / Padrons Psyche) as they are stabled next to each other!

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Stallion Om El Bahreyn
Original Image © Emma Maxwell

Om El Bahreyn

Original Image © Igoe Photography
CG Balih El Jamaal Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali
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